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Tuesday Treats: Fall Prep

Tuesday Treats, FallAmy WileyComment

Can you smell it in the air?  Cozy candles?  Pumpkin Spice Lattes?  Cooler temperatures?  I can, and I'm ready to embrace the season!  Here are some of my favorite fall treats...

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Coffee Assortment

I always treat myself to an assortment of fall-flavored coffees for my Keurig.  It's so fun to enjoy all the tastes of the season and they smell divine!  It's also a great way to sample lots of flavors and find some new favorites.


Cozy Cardigans

I've mentioned these before, but I seriously wear one of these every day in the cooler months.  Here in Colorado, the mornings and evenings are cool even on warmer days, so these lovely cardigans keep me happy!


Tea Towel

You know I love a fun tea towel and this one is just perfect to cozy up your kitchen.


Happy fall y'all!