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Movie Night: Apollo 11

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It’s movie night, y’all! This week we are throwing it way back to 1969 and the historic Apollo 11 mission that put a man on the moon. This one is not only educational, the theme is a blast. See what I did there?

This documentary came out earlier this year and as we were watching, my husband had to look up whether it is made up of actual footage or if it was made as a movie. It’s historic footage and the quality is that good! Apollo 11 is really interesting and offers a snapshot not only of this incredible feat in American history, but of the late 1960’s culture. Keep an eye out for Johnny Carson!


A movie night like this of course calls for snacks that are out of this world. I used this divided serving dish and filled it with space-themed snacks.


Here’s a look at everything… Trader Joe’s Cheddar Rocket Crackers and Half Moon cookies… Moon Cheese… Imag!ne Cheese Stars… and Sea Stars cereal from Kroger.


For the table, this tablecloth took us to outer space and these little astronauts explored the tablescape. Galvanized chargers and black plates complete the look.


We found this movie to be fascinating and enjoyed having a front row seat to a famous event that happened before our time. Also… who doesn’t love astronauts? Happy Friday, friends!

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Starting a Weekly Movie Night

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I can’t encourage you enough to start a family movie night. It’s much more than a chance to watch a movie and eat popcorn. It’s a way to come together, connect at the end of the week, and it’s a perfect creative outlet for you as a mom. (Find napkins here, sign here)

We started our movie nights many years ago and they quickly became a family favorite.  Early in the week the kids start asking, “What’s our movie night this week?”  Sometimes I tell them; sometimes I let them be surprised when they get home from school on Friday afternoon.  They’ll run in to look at how the table is set up.  That’s my favorite way to reveal the movie.  I’m not exaggerating when I say they usually squeal with delight!

Although watching a movie as a family to start the weekend isn’t some sort of groundbreaking idea, I want to share the details how we do this because it’s been so fun.  If you don’t have a similar activity in your household, I’d encourage you to start.  

  • Step one:  Pick a night a start planning

Maybe it’s Friday night, maybe it’s Saturday afternoon, maybe it’s every third Tuesday.  If you’re looking to do something consistently I suggest scheduling it in.  I usually look ahead at the start of the month and plan movie nights for all available Fridays.  Sometimes we have other plans or things come up, but if at all possible we do our best to “protect” our Friday evenings. I find that if we don’t do this, our potential movie nights can give way to other things.  So if friends want to get together, we aim for Saturday if possible.  We also keep movie night to just our family of four. It’s our time, and in the middle of a busy week it’s nice to know we will connect on movie night.

  • Step two:  Pick a movie

You can re-watch a family favorite or order a newly-released movie on demand.  I always keep a running list of family-friendly movies, adding to it when friends offer suggestions. is a great resource to make sure the content is safe for your family. also offers parental guides.  We sometimes use VidAngel to stream movies and filter out certain content. (Groundhog Day is a great example of how that service works.) Many times family movies (even super old ones) will have previews that can spark your next movie night.  Some of our favorites are Ramona and Beezus, all the Disneynature films like this one, and movies like Alex & Me and Paddington 2. Although we do enjoy a trip to the movie theater, most of our movies are at home on Friday nights.  It saves money and we get to be as relaxed as we want.

  • Step three:  Get creative

Not only is it predictable, protected family time for us, movie night is a great creative outlet for me as a mom.  While I’m shopping for groceries, for instance, I’ll spot a cute snack or dessert that goes with our theme.  Or when I’m parked and waiting in the carpool line I’ll search Pinterest for ideas related to our movie. It just adds a mini project for the week that allows me to have some fun and get a smile out of my family.  It's also my speed.  While I’m not the type to make 25 individually hand-crafted desserts for a birthday party, for example, I’m totally game to make four of just about anything!

Dino dirt cups for  The Good Dinosaur

Dino dirt cups for The Good Dinosaur

Our movie night dinners are usually a splurge for us… both in cost and calories.  This is the night we’re more likely to grill steaks, have dessert, or spend extra time prepping something unique.  I often create a meal that somehow coincides with our movie.  For instance, we grilled up middle-eastern food for Aladdin. It is a great excuse to try something new.

IMG_0631 (1).jpg
IMG_0621 (1).jpg

That said, some weeks are just too hectic to pull off much more than ordering pizza and asking the kids to pick a DVD they can agree on. 


I highly recommend planning and crafting to the level that your schedule and sanity allow.  The goal is to make the evening a little (or a lot) out of the ordinary.   A simple pack of cute paper napkins is an easy, affordable way to create your theme. 


I know that if I'm stressing about it, I'm going about it the wrong way.  Way back when we first started movie night and my kids were really little, I was prepping for the original Cinderella.  I remember asking everyone to “leave me alone!” while I tried to make little mice out of cheese.  I quickly realized I’d missed the point.  Have fun with it, that's the whole idea!  A little creativity goes a long way and perfection is not the goal. Plus, spending time together is the most important part.

I’ll post movie nights here on the blog most Fridays. So pop some popcorn, put on your jammies, and get ready for some fun with your fam!

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Movie Night: Shark Tale

Shark Week, Movie NightAmy WileyComment

Shark Week is going swimmingly and of course we are continuing the theme for movie night! We’ve picked a movie that’s big on fun and a not-so-scary way for kids to get in on the shark scene.


That’s right! We’re watching Shark Tale. It’s a movie full of funny fish that is sure to please! It offers a lot of laughs and crazy characters. Even if you’ve seen this one, it’s a great time to revisit.

We set the sharky scene at our table with lots of blue and fun giant shark plates. Shop my Shark Week finds here.


A copycat recipe for Ocean Water makes a splash as a refreshing way to enjoy the theme as well!


I hope you enjoy a snuggly movie night as a family and have a great weekend!

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