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Tuesday Treats: Momma’s School Supplies

Tuesday TreatsAmy WileyComment

It’s time to gear up for earlier mornings and wearing something besides a swimsuit and cover-up. This means as kids head back to school, us mommas need a few supplies too.   My daughter likes me to walk her to class, which means actually getting out of the car and trying to be halfway presentable. Of course I will gladly do this as long as she lets me!  Below are the things I wear and use every day.  A cozy cardigan to throw over my workout clothes, a lanyard for my school ID, sunglasses for my tired eyes... they are like my school uniform! 

Happy Back-to-School!

American Ninja Warrior

Movie NightAmy WileyComment

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Does your family watch American Ninja Warrior?  We love this show at our house.  It's so positive, inspiring, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat!  We found ourselves a few episodes behind so we used Movie Night to catch up.  This set inspired our themed dinner buffet.


This box came with all kinds of ANW-themed party goods.  We only used a small amount of the stuff inside for this night, leaving the rest for other viewings.  I know we will get a lot of value out of this one party set.


The wristbands from the box were a huge hit with my kids, as were the headbands!


You know temporary tattoos are always a treat.


We brought the kids these shirts from our NYC trip last fall.  They were fully decked out and in the Ninja Warrior spirit!


The napkin design is really cool and the medals make a fun accessory too.  I used star plates left over from the 4th of July and they mixed in nicely.


I've mentioned my quesadilla maker is getting a lot of use this summer... such an easy dinner!


Serving buffet style made it easy for all my little ninjas to load up their plates.


This dessert isn't the most photogenic, but it's one of my husband's all-time favorites... sopapilla cheesecake.


If you haven't checked out American Ninja Warrior, give it a try!  For those of you who already have ninja fever, here are some other fun accessories...


Book Club: All We Ever Wanted

Books, HostingAmy WileyComment

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A warm summer night, a saucy book and great friends are the ingredients of a perfect evening.  I had such a nice time hosting book club this month.  Summer is winding down, so we soaked up the carefree feeling and warm weather as much as we could.  

Our selection was All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin.  We all enjoyed it, but just a note... if you've read her other novels, you'll be surprised at the content in this one.  Let's just say it's not for kids!


The only thing shallow about my book club was this pool. Ha!  I floated La Croix in little inflatable holders and the result was lots of fun.  I've wanted to do this for a while and this was the perfect setting.


I also busted out my Lilly for Target plates and accessories.


Dinner was Texas Caesar Salad followed up by a selection of desserts from a French bakery near my home.  They were so, so pretty!


I love a party favor, of course, so I used some things I had stashed away.  Book marks, Lilly for Target nail files, and a chocolate.


These flamingo cups held everything nicely.


It's always nice to send your guests off with a little something at the door.


I truly enjoy decorating, cooking, planning out a theme, and hosting, but it's the friendships that grow with each evening spend lingering around the dinner table that are my favorite part.  Here's to the last days of summer and many good books to come!