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Back-to-School Dinner

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Back-to-school time is a big transition and deserving of a celebration to mark the passage into new grades and new beginnings.  We did a fun little dinner after the first full day of school for both kids.


I know apples are common for this time of year, but cherries are relevant to us and the area we live in.  They also go well with the primary colors of school time.


I cooked up a simple meal and we spent the evening talking all about the day.


We gave our daughter this book and our son this book (he absolutely loves the whole series) as a fun surprise to start off the school year.  Our daughter told us she already got to read a devotional to her class this week... so these were a big hit.


It was a sweet time together and of course we had to have a sweet ending.  Grocery store cupcakes for the win!


I'll leave you with one of our favorite back-to-school traditions... reading The Kissing Hand.  Oh, it gets me every time!


I'm praying for all the kids out there to have a fun, safe, blessed school year!