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Movie Night: Three Netflix Picks for Older Kids

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It's finally Friday and you're ready to unwind with the fam.   What should you watch?  Today I'm sharing three movies we've recently enjoyed on Netflix.  Is it weird that I think of Netflix movies as free?  When you compare them to going to the theater or even buying a DVD, they pretty much are!

All of these picks, in my opinion, are more suitable for older kids.  For reference, my kids are 8 and 11 years old.  So, these are not for toddlers, but if you're looking for something older kids can enjoy that's clean but not babyish... one of these could fit the bill!

There's a new Benji movie on Netflix and it's really well done.  The little dog is as cute as ever and so are the kids.  This movie centers on the kids being kidnapped, so take into account your children's sensitivity.  It could be a little scary for some, but it's clean and will have you rooting for Benji the whole time.


Full Out is based on a true story (I always love when that is the case) and was surprisingly entertaining.  It has both gymnastics and hip hop dancing.  Hip hop cardio is my workout of choice so I got a kick out of the dance scenes.  The ending has some fun surprises as well.  This one is cute!


We missed The BFG in theaters, but my son and I watched it one day when he was home sick from school.  The animation is incredible and the movie offers lots of laughs.  I think some scenes could be too scary for my daughter, but my 11-year-old and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


What are your favorite Netflix picks these days?  Let me know!


Movie Night: The Greatest Showman

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This movie was SUCH  a hit in theaters and we could not wait for it to come out on video so we could watch it and do a movie night.  The Greatest Showman did not disappoint!

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Circus stripes, peanuts and tickets gave our table a circus feel.  


We snacked on the peanuts before dinner and I was so pleased with myself when the movie referenced peanuts several times... ha!


Barnum's Animals Crackers were too perfect.  Each of the kids got a box.


We had fare you find under the big top for dinner:  cheddar brats, chips, pickle spears.... and chopped salad. That isn't really circus food but balances out the rest.


For dessert we had popcorn and mixed in caramel M&M's.  Y'all.  DELICIOUS.


We listened to songs from the movie while we ate.  My daughter has been singing along with the soundtrack ever since.  Seriously... non-stop.


I loved the circus theme and we all really enjoyed the movie.  It's fun, it's a musical, and it's an interesting story... even if it's the Hollywood version.

All the eyes on me in the center of the ring
Just like a circus
— Britney Spears

When Calls the Heart

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Do you watch When Calls the Heart?  If you don't know about his darling show on the Hallmark Channel, you are in for a treat!  This is a family-friendly series I highly recommend.

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This charming series takes place in a turn-of-the century coal mining town.  Residents face hardships, celebrate life's special moments, and often weave their faith into the story.

A friend told me about this show last year and over the summer my kids and I binge-watched the first four seasons.  (The first three are on Netflix, we bought the fourth on Amazon Video.)  We would spend the day outdoors, swim at the pool, then settle in for rest in the afternoon by watching and episode (or two) together.  We eagerly awaited the show's return with a fabulous episode airing on Christmas day and airing weekly starting in February.

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It's exciting without being too scary and romantic in a completely appropriate way.  We like to shout "woo woo!" when Jack and Elizabeth kiss.  It's so fun to get wrapped up in a quality series that I can enjoy with my kids.  My husband occasionally watches with us too.  If you're looking for something to enjoy as a family, give When Calls the Heart a try!