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Movie Night: Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse

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It’s movie night and we are venturing into the Spider-Verse! A giant toy and Halloween decorations all came out to make one simple but super fun tablescape for this one.

This movie is exciting, funny and full of action. As always, I recommend you take a look here to make sure it’s a good fit for your family.


I printed up a little menu and gave our food fun names. My kids were excited to see Spider-Pig AKA “Peter Porker” in this movie and I was excited to try to recreate the sweet pork from Costa Vida. I used this recipe and it turned out really well.


My husband loves it any time I make sopapilla cheesecake and it fit well with this simple menu. I originally found the recipe here and I think of Beth Moore when I make it.


This giant Spider-man originally belonged to my son, but has since been taken over by my daughter. Yes, Spider-man has attended many tea parties and danced to princess music more than I’m sure he would care to admit.


I paired my red plates with spiderweb plates and a spiderweb table runner from my Halloween items. They set the Spidey scene!

Tacos… a fun, clean movie as a family, sopapilla cheesecake… now THAT’S a Friday night if you ask me!

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Movie Night: Nico the Unicorn

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All things glittery, sparkly, make-believe, and rainbows come together to make this movie night magical for any unicorn-loving kid. My daughter is unicorn crazy, so this one was designed with her in mind. Flowers, confetti and pastels covered the table. I was so excited to bust out my new Unicorn Mini Attachment.


Don’t be afraid to mix real plates with paper ones. These little unicorn plates and napkins from Swoozies were too cute to pass up.


All the frilly fun elements were so fun to pull together.


Our movie was Nico the Unicorn. After researching many options, I settled on this one. It is not rated, so I was surprised (and disappointed) that it has some bad language. It also has some scary scenes that might be too much for little ones. My usual sources for parental information don’t include this movie, so please use your own discretion. It did have an engaging story-line and lots of action. Plus… a beautiful unicorn is the star of the show!


A festive table on a Friday night with my family brings me so much joy!


Dinner was extra fun… I made unicorn sushi! It was a little tricky, but easier than you might think. I found the recipe here, but altered it slightly. It’s just vegetables, rice and seaweed… so it’s kid-friendly. The most fun part was coloring all the rice.


After I laid it all out I added the sliced vegetables…


Then the tricky part… rolling it up and slicing into rolls.


They turned out to be so beautiful and my kids were seriously amazed!!


Lest you think we are super fancy all the time, the sushi was the appetizer and the rest of the meal included “Believe Burgers” with Brussels sprouts and good old mac and cheese.


I set up a little treat bar for our dessert and movie snacks. Costco’s Unicorn Popcorn was a must and I included some delicious cookies with rainbow sprinkles.


I hope you are planning to enjoy a magical, mythical movie night this weekend!

Crazy for Christmas Challenge: March

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Happy 25th of the month, Christmas lovers! Today you are in for a treat because our challenge is all about those delicious foods we enjoy around the holidays. We’ll also start our stash of gifts. So here we go…

Start Shopping!

Last month we mapped out our gift buying between now and November. Now it’s time to start chipping away at that list and putting your gifts in the spot you set up in January. I’ve rounded up some fun and affordable gift ideas to get you in the Santa spirit… just click on the photos to shop.

Collect Your Holiday Recipes

We all have family favorites we tend to enjoy and often require around the holidays. Your Christmas binder is the perfect place to store those recipes so they are easy to find when the hustle and bustle start up. Today I want you to round them all up and put them in your binder. This is a great time to call up your mom or your grandmother and ask for those cherished recipes. It’s so much easier now than during the holiday rush. You might also want to browse Pinterest for some new things you’d like to try. I made these cookies for the first time last year and they were a huge hit! The recipe is now going in my binder to make year after year. If you’re not already on the Crazy for Christmas Challenge email list, sign up now to get a festive printable of one of my family’s favorite recipes, Christmas Eve Punch.

That’s it! You just bought yourself some extra time relaxing under the twinkle lights. I love hearing how the challenge is going for all of you. Have fun tackling today’s tasks and don’t blame me if you start craving Christmas cookies!

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