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Tuesday Treats: Summer Fun

Tuesday TreatsAmy WileyComment

My family is doing our best to soak up every bit of summer before school starts in a few weeks.  Here are a few treats I'm enjoying on these lazy days.

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Purse Flair


I love to add seasonal flair to my big mom bag.  This tassel and flamingo (similar here) can't help but make you smile!

Beach Towel Clips


Speaking of flamingos, how cute are these?!?  They are a pool and beach essential for us.  I have a ton in my pool bag, but my daughter and I always go for the flamingos... obviously!

Beauty Boxes


I'm all about happy mail, and I love my subscription to the Walmart beauty box.  It's just $5 a box, four times a year.  Since it only comes quarterly, I'm always pleasantly surprised when it shows up in my mailbox.


So far I've tried both the hair and face masks and I really enjoyed them.

Mermaid Bread


I am completely addicted to the ClickList pick-up system at my grocery, so I rarely go inside anymore.  Imagine my delight when I popped in the other day and spotted a whole display of mermaid desserts.  How fun is that?  I took home the mermaid bread and it's been a treat.  Well played, King Soopers. (Which is Kroger in other places.)

Quesadilla Maker


Quick meals are in order for lazy summer days, so my quesadilla maker is getting a lot of use.  I served some up to my sister one day and she promptly went home and declared to her husband they need one.  Ours was a wedding gift and I don't think they make it any more because it's super expensive on Amazon.  This one is the same idea.  Love it!


If you need me, I'll be right here.  Happy Tuesday, friends!