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Shark Week Dinner

Something to CelebrateAmy WileyComment

Shark Week really reeled us in this year and it's made for some fun family evenings.  We've learned things, been grossed out, and of course a little scared!  All this excitement inspired me to put together a Shark Week dinner.


I picked up shark gummies and two varieties of Swedish Fish.  Other than that, I used things we already had.  I asked my kids to round up any shark toys and in just a few minutes we were swimming in sharks.  Ha!


My son crafted shark fins out of paper and added them to the table.  


For dinner I served one of our favorite summer meals:  grilled bbq bacon shrimp and smoked gouda grits, with a chopped salad.


The candy began to disappear the minute it went on the table.  


The little bit of extra effort that went into this dinner made a regular Wednesday night an extra fun occasion.  


Of course now I'm already scheming to go BIG for Shark Week next year!