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Tuesday Treats

Tuesday TreatsAmy WileyComment

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Welcome to a new feature, Tuesday Treats!  Each week I plan to share a few things that just make me happy.  I hope to spread the happiness to you and encourage everyone to look for simple pleasures each day.

 Hillstone's Flying Chicken Platter


This probably qualifies as "kid food" but it's one of my favorite meals.  Growing up in Dallas we loved to eat at Houston's.  Denver has Hillstone (which is basically the same) but it's not super close to my house.  This weekend, however, my husband and I went for lunch and I was just tickled to get to have some of my favorite chicken tenders.  I love the batter... the sauces... the skinny fries... it's all too good! 

Flamingo Necklace

I've been eyeing this for weeks and finally took the plunge.  I mean, I NEEDED this flamingo necklace, right?  It seems like they are going quickly, so snag one now if you want it!

Coffee in Bed


I've decided at the ripe old age of 40 I don't need to sleep extra late, but I relish a morning when I can simply sit in bed and slowly enjoy my coffee before I get going for the day.  The summer allows this just about every day and I'm in heaven!  Like I said... simple pleasures.

High Heels Phone Stand

Is this not the cutest thing?  I found it here.  I love watching Instagram Stories or Marco Polos from my girlfriends while I get ready in the morning.  This stand is perfect.  Love it!

What's making you smile this week?