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Movie Night: Oceans

Movie NightAmy WileyComment

If you're headed to the beach this summer, or if you just wish you were, I have a movie night to get you in the mood.  Our family loves the Disneynature series and Oceans is a great one.

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This is one we did a few summers ago, so forgive the photo quality.  What I love is that it looks elaborate and exciting to kids, but it's really simple and easy to pull off.

I found a plastic "water" tablecloth at a party store and made the shark out of simple posterboard.  Sure, it looks like my shark needs to go on a diet, but it's not about being perfect... it's about your kids screaming with excitement when they see a shark fin poking out of the dining room table!


Look closely and you'll see a fish swimming in the drinks! (Find them here.)


I used this recipe to make "Ocean Water" like you can get at Sonic.  It was delicious!


Lifesavers made for clever napkin rings.


Shrimp tacos were on the menu for dinner.   This is a favorite meal of ours in the summer months.


Extra fish and gummy sharks were on the hook for our movie snack.  

This film is beautiful, interesting for the whole family and dare I say even a little educational.  It will reel you in. SEE WHAT I DID THERE?  Sorry...couldn't resist.

Enjoy some fishy fun with your family on a summer night soon!