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The Best Disneyland Treats!

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My family is just back from a glorious trip to Disneyland.  Cars Land is our favorite, and you can't beat a good dose of California sunshine in the middle of winter.  For me, a big part of a Disney trip is indulging in all the unique treats offered throughout the property.  I love a good theme and Disney does that so well.


 Today I'm sharing my favorites and where you can find them!

Dole Whip


Dole Whip is a quintessential Disney concoction.  It's unique, refreshing and delightful.  This is the kind of thing you can't just whip up in your kitchen at home OR find anywhere else.  The line for Dole Whips is always super long in the Magic Kingdom, but you can pop into the Coffee House at The Disneyland Hotel and get one with no waiting.

Churros at The Cozy Cone


You can find churros across the parks, but there's something extra fun about stopping in at The Cozy Cone and grabbing one with caramel sauce.  We actually had these for breakfast one day!

Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar


Why are these SO GOOD?  Are they laced with actual pixie dust?  We may never know, but I can't resist.

Mickey-Shaped Beignets 


Tucked back in New Orleans Square you'll find the Mint Julep Bar where you can score a bag of these delightful little creations.  The powdered sugar will fly as you enjoy!

Clarabelle's Ice Cream


Clarabelle's in California Adventure is the place to not only get hand-dipped ice cream in fancy waffle cones, BUT you can also customize an ice cream bar.  You chose the bar, the chocolate and toppings!  Go earlier in the day as they sometimes run out.



Let's not underestimate the need for caffeine as you squeeze as many rides in as you can during that Magic Morning.  Starbucks on Main Street is always hopping.  We also used mobile ordering at the Downtown Disney locations so we could just swoop in and grab our lattes on the way to the gates.

Unicorn Macaron


I'll leave you with a bonus treat because it's the prettiest.  My daughter chose this unicorn macaron from cart in Downtown Disney and we just couldn't get over it!

My son's shirt says it all...


Have a magical day!

Some Treats to Beat the January Blues

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Hello friends and Happy New Year!  I intentionally stayed away from my computer to soak up time with my family over the holidays.  It's been glorious, and we've slipped into full-on frat house mode:  staying up late, sleeping in, lots of junk food and too much TV!  I really don't want it to end, but we are gearing up to re-enter society this week.  We only have one of day of school, so surely we can do it, right?!

I want to share a few fun things that are bringing me joy and fighting the post-Christmas blues. (Some contain affiliate links, a free way to for you to support my little blog.)  Hopefully they will brighten up your January... or should I say, Janu-Arie.

First up, Sisters First.  I DEVOURED this book in less than 24 hours.  As a Texas girl, I've always had love for the Bush twins and I think Jenna is delightful on The Today Show.  (I also have a large scar on my foot from the day I interviewed Laura Bush, but that's a story for another day!)

This book is charming, sweet, sad at times, meaningful and deliciously entertaining.  If you have not read this, pick it up.  


Remember the Christmas cereal bowls?  Well, y'all, Target has the Valentine's version out now.  I grabbed 4 matching ones and I'm just tickled about them.


Next up, my tea towel display.  I saw this idea on Totally Tikaa's instagram and immediately thought, "well I need to borrow this and I know just where to do it!"  I had a ball with all my Christmas tea towels and now it's "neutral" for January.  Next up, Valentine's, then birthday season for my kids.  It brings me such joy.  And no, I didn't need to run out and buy tons of tea towels.  Sometimes it pays to be a hoarder.


If you're like me, you binge-watched The Crown last month and are still a little bitter than Downton Abbey is over.  My husband and I watched Victoria and Abdul and it fills that void (at least for a couple of hours.)  


My mother-in-law gifted me a Happy Everything plate for Christmas.  I wanted one forever and true to form, I'm now obsessed and want all the fun attachments.  Along with the tea towels, I look forward to changing this up all year long.


Ok, last but far from least, did y'all see Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon covering the Rose Parade?  My dad gave us a heads up that it was on Amazon Prime.


I laughed until I cried!  It's exactly how I want to start off 2018.

I'll be back next week posting regularly with movie nights, parties and plenty of fun!