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Flamingo Fun Cereal Station

Cereal StationAmy WileyComment

It's no secret I'm flamingo crazy.  When I spotted these bowls at Homegoods I knew I had to have them and they would make a darling addition to our cereal station.


My patient and kind husband went along on a mission for "pink cereal."  We found plenty!


Our jars are filled to the brim with pink cereal goodness.


These handy scoops make it easy to serve and I find my kids do much better with these than trying to dump cereal out from the boxes.


The bowls are both darling and made of melamine, so they are extra kid-friendly.


Our family goes through plenty of cereal, especially with a growing boy in the mix.  


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Movie Night: The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos

Movie NightAmy Wiley9 Comments

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I blame this movie night for my flamingo obsession.  This is one we did a few years ago and I've been flamingo crazy ever since.  It inspired my daughter's flamingo-themed birthday party and perhaps you've noticed my logo.  Flamingos are just too FUN and not to mention pink!

The Crimson Wing is part of the Disneynature series, which we adore.  These films are beautiful, educational and really entertaining.  


The Disneynature movies do have elements such as predators, danger, birth, and nursing mothers... they never go too far in my opinion but you'll want to be aware of your children's' ages and level of sensitivity.  The Crimson Wing was the scariest of the series as far as danger, but overall we just loved it.  It's fascinating.

Back to the fun parts!  I had to have pink plastic flamingos (obviously) so I put them in potted plants.


People ask me all the time where I find all my "stuff."  When I have a theme in mind I'll continually search Zulily, Target and even Nordstrom.  I'll just pop on and put "flamingo" in the search bar and see what they have.


I even had some flamingo loot for my people at this movie night.


For dinner we enjoyed grilled shrimp and pineapple, roasted potatoes, salad and Hawaiian rolls.


We love Trader Joe's sparkling pink lemonade and it was perfect for our little flamingo fete!


Pink velvet cupcakes were our sweet treat before settling in to watch the movie.


Again, I recommend all the Disneynature films for your family movie night.  You'll laugh and you'll learn something.  Here's to family fun that inspires you for years to come!