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Movie Night: Apollo 11

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It’s movie night, y’all! This week we are throwing it way back to 1969 and the historic Apollo 11 mission that put a man on the moon. This one is not only educational, the theme is a blast. See what I did there?

This documentary came out earlier this year and as we were watching, my husband had to look up whether it is made up of actual footage or if it was made as a movie. It’s historic footage and the quality is that good! Apollo 11 is really interesting and offers a snapshot not only of this incredible feat in American history, but of the late 1960’s culture. Keep an eye out for Johnny Carson!


A movie night like this of course calls for snacks that are out of this world. I used this divided serving dish and filled it with space-themed snacks.


Here’s a look at everything… Trader Joe’s Cheddar Rocket Crackers and Half Moon cookies… Moon Cheese… Imag!ne Cheese Stars… and Sea Stars cereal from Kroger.


For the table, this tablecloth took us to outer space and these little astronauts explored the tablescape. Galvanized chargers and black plates complete the look.


We found this movie to be fascinating and enjoyed having a front row seat to a famous event that happened before our time. Also… who doesn’t love astronauts? Happy Friday, friends!

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