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Family-Friendly Halloween Movie Night Round-up

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October is here and little spooky entertainment is in order when it comes to movie night. Today I’m listing our tried-and-true Halloween movie picks. These are light-hearted, funny, and won’t cause anyone to have nightmares. I prefer the whimsy and fun of this season, and choose to skip the more macabre elements. Halloween should be about candy, kids, and memories!

You can set the scene for October movie nights with this Halloween movie night printable. Just pop it in a frame and you’ll be ready to enjoy all the fun films.

Below are my picks for family-friendly, cute-not-creepy, Halloween features. Click on each title for ideas, treats, and more!

Hotel Transylvania

This movie is a treat just like this hilarious jello!

Spookley the Square Pumpkin

A sweet story with a powerful message… yes, please!

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

This one is a classic and a must-see each year.


Cheerleaders and zombies? Sounds like a fit for Halloween if you ask me…

Hotel Transylvania 3

We usually skip the second movie, but number three is full of beachy fun.

I hope you enjoy these fun films… a little spooky but a lot of playfulness is what Halloween is about to me! Have a great weekend…

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Movie Night: Woodlawn

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Fall means football season and this week’s movie night is all about those Friday night lights. Our movie is a story of some of life’s best lessons being taught on the football field. Our family was truly encouraged by Woodlawn.


This movie tells the true story of a high school in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1970’s and a coach facing a team plagued by racial tensions. This is a beautiful example of how Jesus can bring healing and peace where mankind has failed. You’ll be cheering from your couch!

I read the book about Woodlawn a few years ago and found the movie to be inspiring and touching.

I enjoyed turning our table into a football field for this movie. When my family walked in, they immediately knew the theme of the night!


Here are the places you can find these items to set a similar scene:

Table runner

Vase and attachment

“Now Showing” sign



Similar chargers


The little pennant was a Target Dollar Spot find. I thought the purple flowers played well against all the green.


Our fall napkins are a nice fit for any football-related celebration!


Dinner was inspired both by football food and one of my favorite Trader Joe’s finds of the season… these fall leaf tortilla chips. Aren’t they the cutest?


I set up a simple nacho bar with pulled pork and everyone created their nachos to their own liking. This was effortless and so delicious.


It’s hard to truly improve on nachos… but with festive chips they are over the top!


For our movie treat, I created this fabulous fall snack board. It had everything from salty to sweet to pumpkin spice. We loved snacking on this throughout the movie.


This movie had a cute table and a mouthwatering meal, but the best memory was snuggling on the couch and going through such a moving true story together. It’s so meaningful to me when a movie is able to start important conversations with our family, and fit in some life lessons. Woodlawn is a must-see.

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Movie Night: The Biggest Little Farm

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Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dig in to a darling movie night. The Biggest Little Farm is a delight! It’s a beautiful story of hard work set against a stunning backdrop of nature, animals, and dreams.


The Biggest Little Farm is a documentary chronicling the eight-year journey of a couple who followed their dog (yes, their dog) to create a haven of vegetables, baby animals, fruit trees and chicken coops.

For parents… this movie has one bad word (it’s more implied than heard) and you will see animals both give birth and fall victim to predators. We found it suitable for our family, but just know some scenes will be hard on little (and big) hearts. However, there’s a payoff when you see nature truly work in harmony and did I mention the baby animals? So many adorable baby animals!


My goal was to create a table for this movie night that had a farm or barnyard feel, but more rustic and sophisticated than many of the preschool-themed products I initially found. I discovered this set of plates and napkins and they were just perfect.


I used honeycrisp apples we had in the pantry to create a centerpiece. Look at all of the darling plates! I used kraft paper for a runner and a random collection of mason jars and glasses.


Our farm-worthy feast included oven-fried chicken, grilled corn on the cob, and salad.


Of course the corn was an excuse to use my pig corn holders!


Movie night is all about the treats. For dessert I served strawberries dipped in orange chocolate on a bed of crushed Oreos. It looked like a sweet little carrot patch. Just stick Oreos in your blender and you’ll have “dirt” in no time. I thought this turned out to be such a charming little treat for this movie.


The Biggest Little Farm is big on heart, brimming with cute baby animals, and will leave you amazed at how God created all the earth’s plants and creatures to work together. It will warm your heart!

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