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Movie Night: Nico the Unicorn

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All things glittery, sparkly, make-believe, and rainbows come together to make this movie night magical for any unicorn-loving kid. My daughter is unicorn crazy, so this one was designed with her in mind. Flowers, confetti and pastels covered the table. I was so excited to bust out my new Unicorn Mini Attachment.


Don’t be afraid to mix real plates with paper ones. These little unicorn plates and napkins from Swoozies were too cute to pass up.


All the frilly fun elements were so fun to pull together.


Our movie was Nico the Unicorn. After researching many options, I settled on this one. It is not rated, so I was surprised (and disappointed) that it has some bad language. It also has some scary scenes that might be too much for little ones. My usual sources for parental information don’t include this movie, so please use your own discretion. It did have an engaging story-line and lots of action. Plus… a beautiful unicorn is the star of the show!


A festive table on a Friday night with my family brings me so much joy!


Dinner was extra fun… I made unicorn sushi! It was a little tricky, but easier than you might think. I found the recipe here, but altered it slightly. It’s just vegetables, rice and seaweed… so it’s kid-friendly. The most fun part was coloring all the rice.


After I laid it all out I added the sliced vegetables…


Then the tricky part… rolling it up and slicing into rolls.


They turned out to be so beautiful and my kids were seriously amazed!!


Lest you think we are super fancy all the time, the sushi was the appetizer and the rest of the meal included “Believe Burgers” with Brussels sprouts and good old mac and cheese.


I set up a little treat bar for our dessert and movie snacks. Costco’s Unicorn Popcorn was a must and I included some delicious cookies with rainbow sprinkles.


I hope you are planning to enjoy a magical, mythical movie night this weekend!