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Movie Night: The Grinch... All of Them!

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This movie night is all about not just one… but three movies! That’s right, we watched all three versions of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. We broke it up into a few different evenings of fun.

I always pick up a “Grump Tree” at Trader Joe’s because it’s such a fitting accessory for our favorite Christmas villain.


We headed off to the theater to see the new Grinch movie and I wore a themed tee because that’s what all cool 41-year-olds do. My family absolutely loved that latest version! It is sweet, touching, and full of great music. You should go see it if you haven’t already.


After the movie we headed to IHOP for green Grinch pancakes. Aren’t they so fun?!? We all enjoyed eating breakfast for dinner… although it was more like dessert!


Sadly, our location was out of the Minty Who Hot Chocolate. The Grinch menu is still going on, but you might want to call ahead to your particular IHOP.


Not easily deterred, we set out to make our own Grinch hot chocolate at home. This was the night we watched the Jim Carrey version. The key to this was our new fancy whipped cream dispenser! This exact one is no longer available, but this one is the same idea and you’ll need to buy the chargers too. After using this I don’t think I can go back to the canned stuff! It’s so much more fresh and delicious. Plus, it’s too much fun to use.


I simply made cups of hot chocolate, added our whipped cream with green food coloring, and topped with these sprinkles.


I spotted these cookies at Safeway and gladly added them to the mix.


Cookies and hot chocolate make for an extra cozy movie night. So do Grinch pajamas!


I also found these little Grinch gingerbread house kits at Safeway. They make the tiniest, sweetest little houses!


Many weeks ago I found these bath bomb sets in the Dollar Spot at Target. A bath bomb always adds some enthusiasm to bath time for my kids!


He’s green, he’s mean… and he makes our hearts grow three sizes each year. Whether you watch the original cartoon, the Jim Carrey movie, or the new version in theaters, The Grinch is essential viewing this time of year!


Enjoy your weekend!