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Movie Night: Elf Pets: Santa's St. Bernards Save Christmas

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We are in pretty deep with the Elf on the Shelf with my daughter these days, so I decided to get the new movie, Elf Pets: Santa’s St. Bernards Save Christmas. I am pleased to tell you that we were pleasantly surprised and delighted by this little movie! Of course we needed an Elf Pet and book too.


We usually watch An Elf’s Story to celebrate the arrival of our elves, Percy and Snowflake, but we enjoyed switching it up. The new movie focuses on kindness and Christmas spirit. It offers a lovely message to kids this time of year.


When Pottery Barn Kids had an Elf on the Shelf collection a couple of years ago, I got these plates. It’s so fun to set our table for the first Christmas movie night of the year!


The plates make me smile every time.


I highly recommend this one. It’s sweet, thoughtful, not too long, and appropriate for little ones. My kids named the dog “Peppermint” and my daughter sleeps with it every night.


For dinner, we grilled steaks and finished up the rest of our Thanksgiving leftovers as sides. Dessert was the amazing Blue Bell Christmas Cookie ice cream. It’s sooo good!



Here’s to a season of Christmas movies, elf shenanigans, kindness, and Christmas spirit!