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Movie Night: Freebirds

Movie Night, ThanksgivingAmy WileyComment

I feel like my finger is hovering on the trigger of a cannon of all things Christmas.  I'm almost ready to unleash the most wonderful time of the year at my house, but first a little Thanksgiving fun!

Freebirds is a really cute little movie that's perfect for November.  It offers plenty of laughs for both kids and adults.  Read about its content here.

I was tickled to spot these turkeys and they inspired my whole look for the table.  I LOVE the touches of pink!  I look forward to putting them out year after year.

Also, let's talk about how much mileage I'm getting out of these pumpkins.  They work September through November!


I added these dinner napkins and put these under the glasses.  When I buy a pack of fun napkins for movie night I always use the extras throughout the following week for dinner and packing lunches for the kids.

The place cards are just the cutest. 


For dinner, we are having enchiladas.  Because we just are.  If you wanted to play off the theme, you could do a toned-down thanksgiving-type meal or turkey/cranberry/dressing/cream cheese sandwiches.  The main character in this movie, Reggie, is a turkey who learns how to order pizza so you could do that too!


If you haven't already, give this silly little movie a try!