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Movie Night: Elf

Movie Night, ChristmasAmy WileyComment

"Buddy the Elf... What's your favorite color?"

Oh, we love this movie.  We quote it all year long!  Elf is the best!

Although we are deeply devoted to Friday movie nights, we did this one on a weekday.  At Christmas you have to fit all those favorites in somehow!  I had a plan to make waffles, eggs and bacon for dinner (since Buddy loves syrup) but at the last minute plans changed.  My husband stopped in for lunch at one of his favorite family-owned restaurants that day and they sent him home with tons of food for our family.  What an unexpected act of kindness!  No cooking for me!  So instead of the table, I decorated our island and we served ourselves buffet style.


I LOVE my little light box.  It's from Walmart but only available in stores.  (I did discover it doesn't come with any question marks!)


I found this Buddy the Elf wrapping paper at Party City and just covered our little island.


This Buddy the Elf hat is also from Party City.  It's embarrassing how much joy it brings me.


These little napkins were in my stash.


Of course we had to drink out of these!  I found lots of other Elf merch for you too!



I'm pretty sure I need to watch this movie again before the season is over.  It's just the best.

I'll call you in five minutes!

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