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Movie Night: An Elf's Story

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This guy.  I feel like he's a polarizing figure.  Am I right?  Moms either love him or boycott him.  Or bemoan dealing with him all December long.  Well, I think he's a good time.  We love our elf, Percy.   He doesn't get into extravagant mischief or get discovered having romantic interludes with Barbie.  The kids just have fun finding him each morning and that's the extent of it.  So, yes, I am pro-elf!  


Our first movie night of the Christmas season is usually An Elf's Story to coincide with the little guy's arrival.  I also love ALL THE ELF MERCH.   


The plates are from Pottery Barn Kids and the other stuff is mostly from Zulily.  I periodically search "Elf on the Shelf" on Zulily just to see what's shakin'.

We had kind of a "fakesgiving" meal of turkey breast, cranberry sauce and apple dressing.  For dessert I dug into my stash (see?  I love the merch) and made cupcakes with these. 


The icing was kind of a fail but hey, you can tell they're homemade.  I usually find the Elf on the Shelf baking supplies at Target.

Speaking of merch, last year I bought this elf door and it is seriously the cutest thing going.

Get in on the fun with your own elf here!


An Elf's Story is a sweet, fun little movie to kick off the holiday season... a season with so many favorite movies ahead!