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Movie Night: Hotel Transylvania

Movie Night, HalloweenAmy Wiley1 Comment

It's movie night and we are checking into the Hotel Transylvania!  We always get a kick out of this one and you can read about its content here.  For the table you'll see I rounded up Halloween decorations from around the house.


The dessert plates are a Homegoods find and I think they are fun and whimsical.


I was determined to make the green blob guy from the movie out of jello.


After looking around my kitchen for something to use my husband came up with a good plan.  He picked up these collapsible camping cups at Walmart and they were perfect. 


I filled them with lime jello, added candy eyes, and the result got the intended amount of delight and laughter from my kids.  They loved these!


We had brisket tacos for dinner.  For dessert I spent the week thinking grand thoughts and pinning all kinds of creative ideas.  Then I realized that between soccer practice, prepping for the cousin party, and my unfortunate lacking of a personal chef (ha) I wasn't sure who I thought would be making those things.  So, I grabbed red velvet cupcakes from the grocery and added a gummy eyeball to each.  So easy and everyone laughed and was grossed out and enjoyed them just the same.


It really only takes one or two creative touches to make a movie night extra special.  Hotel Transylvania would be a perfect one to pop in for your fam this weekend!