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Movie Night: Spookley the Square Pumpkin

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Today I’m sharing a favorite movie night from last year. This post contains affiliate links.

This movie is just too cute.  It suitable for any age and it has a great message.  Around here, we love Spookley the Square Pumpkin!


For the table I ordered a plush Spookley and he’s the cutest.  The ceramic square pumpkins are from Hobby Lobby.  Before and after movie night they've been mixed in with the other Halloween decor around the house and I love them.  I've had the little glass candy corn table scatters forever.  I'm pretty sure I called ON THE PHONE and gave someone a CATALOG ORDER NUMBER.  I might has well have brought them west with me on a covered wagon.


The tablecloth is one I've had for years from Pottery Barn.


I also had the orange square plates and I used a simple green paper napkin for the "stem."


I simply folded it lengthwise twice and tucked under the plates.


I made fun little appetizers from a photo I saw on Pinterest.


I used peanut butter sandwich crackers, a green Airhead, black icing for the smiles, and white icing to attach the "stems" and candy eyes.   A "stickier" icing probably would have worked better, but it was what I had on hand.


I count any day I break out the candy eyes as a success!


These little Spookleys look so cute and happy!  They are not perfect but you guys... neither was Spookley and he taught us THAT'S OK.


Obviously I'm not a very skilled piper.  Which makes me think of this...


Oh, I crack myself up.

Dinner was a simple one but still went with the pumpkin theme.  This pasta from Trader Joe's is so pretty.


I added TJ's Autumnal Harvest sauce, sausage, a little Parmesan.  I served it with a quick Caesar salad and bread.


Trader Joe's also made our dessert!  


I'll leave you with a little bonus tip since this movie is great for preschoolers.  If your kiddos are at an age where it's hard for you to get dinner on the table because they are so "busy"... you can often find free coloring sheets related to the movie to print off on Pinterest or just by googling it.  I did this a lot when my kids were smaller (with various movie nights) and it helps keep them busy while you prep and gets them excited for the movie.

If you haven't seen this one yet, you can catch it on The Disney Channel this time of year.  Dare to be square!