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Texas Independence Day Dinner

Something to CelebrateAmy WileyComment

I’m a native Texan.  That means I possess the extreme pride and unreasonably deep love of the Lone Star State that perhaps you’ve noticed from Texans. We just love it so much.  It’s part of who we are.


I want to pass on the Texas love to my kids who are growing up in beautiful Colorado.  Plus, I'm always up for celebration, a theme, and a reason to feel festive.  So we celebrate Texas Independence Day around here!  We actually did this last night, since we have a birthday party to attend tonight.  

I have no shortage of Texas-themed, Texas-shaped and Texas-loving decor.


For real though... don't mess with Texas.


I broke out the Texas coasters to put under our glasses of iced tea.


In the past I've made brisket, Texas-shaped biscuits, done breakfast for dinner with my Texas waffle iron.... you name it.  This week I was busy and tired so Door Dash to the rescue with some Dickey's Barbecue.


Days like this are too fun!  If you need me I'll be sipping a Dr Pepper and listening to the Dixie Chicks.

God Bless Texas!