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NYC Souvenirs

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I've mentioned that my husband and I went to New York City for my 40th.  I was armed with a purse full of birthday money, so I was able to bring home some really fun things.  These are all items, I realized, I use and enjoy just about every day!  I thought I would share them with you because you just might want to add them to your Christmas list.

First up, these leopard travel flats from Tory Burch:

I'm not exaggerating when I say I wear these just about every day.  I wear them with florals, with stripes, with solids, with jeans and with dresses.  I knew after wearing these leopard sandals all summer they would be in heavy rotation.  I love me some leopard and it goes with everything.  Plus, these are comfortable.


Now the next one pretty much gives me old lady status.  Especially if you could know my level of excitement about... a paper towel holder.

Of course it's not just any paper towel holder.  I have touches of Mackenzie-Childs throughout my kitchen.  This is something I use EVERY day.

Next up, the new Tiffany fragrance had just launched and was proudly on display at the famous 5th Avenue store.  I had been eager to try it and once I did I was sold!

I love being a "perfumy lady" and I've enjoyed wearing this one.

We visited the famous Chelsea Market and I bought this print from Melsy's Ilustrations.  I started following the artist on social media and she has the most fun things.  Some are even available at Homegoods for the Christmas season.  I know I'll love putting this out each fall.  I'm eyeing the Christmas prints as well.


Lastly, even though we have way too many coffee mugs, we couldn't resist this guy from Starbucks.  It's a nice big size and I love the little taxi on the back.


I love this one too!

My NYC souvenirs would be fun under your Christmas tree... or you could just ask Santa for a trip to The Big Apple!




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