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Movie Night: Cool Runnings

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Our Olympic fever is still in full swing over here.  How great was it to see the first women’s bobsled team representing Jamaica?  I LOVED it when the Jamaican athletes danced their way into the opening ceremony, after overcoming obstacles to make it to the games.


I also loved that they named their bobsled after Usain Bolt and this movie...


Our family loves this one!  It does have a little language, so it might be a good one to watch through VidAngel.  Honestly the accents make the bad words a little less noticeable.

I did a super simple (like ridiculously simple) table using plates and napkins from my Olympic stash that coordinate with the Jamaican flag.


Jerk chicken is the perfect dinner for this one!  I bought some darling cookie stamps for the Rio Olympics to make these edible medals. 


This movie celebrates the Olympic spirit we all embrace.  

"Feel the Rhythm! Feel the Rhyme! Get on up, it's bobsled time! Cool Runnings!"

Olympic Fever

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I'm coming down with something.  It's pretty contagious too.  I get it about every two years.  OLYMPIC FEVER!  Are you as excited we are for the Winter Olympics?  We can't wait!  I felt like we OWNED the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.  We watched every last bit.  Of course we didn't have school while they were on, so this time around it's going to be a little harder to make time for all the Olympic glory.  So I'll share our secret to enjoying the Olympics as a family... 

We eat dinner in front of the TV.

Gasp!  I know.  So tacky.  Ha!  The only other time we do this is for American Ninja Warrior.  We have little wooden TV trays we set up in our family room and we enjoy dinner while we watch.  If waited until after dinner to watch we would either have to cut it short for bed time or keep everyone up waaaaay too late.  That's no fun for anyone the next day.

Here's how I'm prepping to take in all the action and cheer on Team USA.  Like any good American, I grabbed some limited edition Olympic Oreos.  I also have a jar of patriotic sprinkles ready to put on anything that comes my way.


If devouring a bag of Oreos was an Olympic event, my family would take home the gold.


Who wants to do dishes when bobsledding, luge and curling are on?  Not me.  I grabbed plastic plates in the colors of the Olympic rings which matching paper napkins.


I set everything up on a tray in the kitchen so it's easy to grab.  Then I did a triple axel of joy.  


Next I stopped to admire the Oreos because they will be gone at a speed faster than a downhill skier.


In the viewing (and temporary dining) room I hung this banner


We are ALL SET to cheer Team USA to Olympic gold!


Will you be watching?  Are you catching Olympic fever?