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Halloween Cereal Station & Tea Towels

Halloween, Cereal StationAmy WileyComment

I love the whimsical, silly side of Halloween. I pulled out all our decorations over the weekend and the house is feeling frightfully festive! Our Halloween Cereal Station is set up in the kitchen ready for quick breakfasts, after-school snacks and late-night treats.


This time I went with Pumpkin Spice Cheerios, Reese’s Puffs Bats, and Pumpkin Spice Frosted Mini Wheats. We aren’t scared of a little sugar!


The bowls are from the Target Dollar Spot and I adore them. The little words on the insides are the perfect extra touch.


Simply putting the cereal in jars makes it so much easier to grab and so much more fun at the same time.


I also swapped out my tea towel display for the season. I’m enjoying it but I would love to add a little more orange to the mix. Can you spot the Halloween flamingos?!


Do you like your Halloween decorations spooky or silly?

Flamingo Fun Cereal Station

Cereal StationAmy WileyComment

It's no secret I'm flamingo crazy.  When I spotted these bowls at Homegoods I knew I had to have them and they would make a darling addition to our cereal station.


My patient and kind husband went along on a mission for "pink cereal."  We found plenty!


Our jars are filled to the brim with pink cereal goodness.


These handy scoops make it easy to serve and I find my kids do much better with these than trying to dump cereal out from the boxes.


The bowls are both darling and made of melamine, so they are extra kid-friendly.


Our family goes through plenty of cereal, especially with a growing boy in the mix.  


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Summer Cereal Station

4th of JulyAmy WileyComment

If there was ever a chance for this little set-up to shine, it’s in my home during the summer months.  My answer to “what’s for breakfast?” is “whatever you make yourself!” Enter the cereal station.


Clearly I was more concerned with a patriotic color scheme than nutritional information. Hey... it’s summer.  The offerings include red and blue Rice Krispies, Special K Red Berries, and a mix of blueberry and strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats. 


I’m not exaggerating when I say that the minute this was set up we started helping ourselves to bowls of breakfast bliss. 


As always, this is an ideal setup for overnight guests too.


Encourage independence at breakfast! 

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