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Crazy for Shark Week

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We absolutely devoured Shark Week! Here are some of the ways we brought a little shark action to each day…

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Snacks are crucial if you plan to settle in and watch the Shark Week action from start to finish. Gear up to create your own here. A little salty and a little sweet combine for the perfect sharky snack.



Transform your dinner table into an underwater feeding frenzy! I love creating tablescapes for all kinds of occasions. This Shark Week table lured in my whole family. Find elements of this shark-scape here.

Hydrate with Ocean Water


Watching all those blood-thirsty sharks makes us… well… thirsty. Ocean Water is the perfect pairing with Discovery Channel viewing and don’t forget to garnish with gummy fish and sharks! There are all kinds of ways to add FIN-ishing touches to your table.


Movie Night

If you have little ones who aren’t quite ready to watch sharks preying on seals, why not have a family-friendly movie night. See ours here.


Shark Spa Day


If all the action leaves you weary, indulge in a shark spa day. I found the bath bombs in a Nashville boutique and the face masks here. After all the Shark Week fun, your bathtub might just feel like the only place safe enough to take a dip!

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