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Crazy for Christmas Challenge: July

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It’s Christmas in July! I’m coming to you today from my beach chair, but know that I’ll be online ordering a few gifts as I listen to the waves. July 25th has become a bit of a holiday in itself and I think that’s so stinkin’ fun. Let’s get started with today’s challenge!

Start Wish Lists

If you haven’t already, you need to utilize wish lists with a few retailers. My favorites are Amazon and Nordstrom. This is a great way to keep a running list of gift ideas for family members, for your kids, and for yourself! I don’t know about you, but I not only do the Christmas shopping for my household, I also supply gift ideas for my kids to extended family. Keeping a list helps you remember those items your kid pointed out one day at the store. You can also watch for them to go on sale. If you haven’t already, start some wish lists!

Make Travel Arrangements


Today is the day… first decide if you will travel or stay home this Christmas season. If family beckons you, today is a great time to make arrangements for your trip. If you’ll fly to your destination, go ahead and book your air travel. Set up a hotel or confirm with your cousin or mother that you’ll be staying with them. In short, make your travel plans! This will ease planning down the road. Plus, half of the fun of travel is looking forward to it… even if it’s seeing your crazy family at Christmas! This month’s printable is in honor of spending the holidays with those you love. Print it as an 8x10 photo and pop it in a frame so it’s ready to go in December. Click here to get this free printable.

A Little Shopping

As always, chip away at your gift list today. Stow away a few gifts in your ever-growing stash and go ahead and congratulate yourself on being so on top of things!

That’s all for today… Merry Christmas in July, everyone!

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