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Crazy for Christmas Challenge: April

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Merry April 25th, friends!

We are excited to continue the Crazy for Christmas Challenge and love hearing how all of you are getting in the spirit of prepping for your holiday all year long. Whether you’re just jumping in or joining us for the first time this month, we are so glad you’re here! We are heading into May which is in many ways December’s busy twin, so today’s tasks are designed with that in mind. Remember, the challenge should not be a source of stress, but simply a reminder that ANYTHING you get done now, will save you time in December!

Let’s get to this month’s tasks…

Play Catch-Up

Whether you are new or you’ve been with us since the beginning, today we are allowing time to catch up on previous month’s tasks you might not have completed. You can find them here:


Go through, make your list, and check it twice!

Buy a Few Gifts

During our February challenge we determined how many gifts we should buy each month between March and November. Today you get to do a little shopping and check some gifts off that list!

Practice Stress-Reducing Habits

If you’re not already, join our email list to get this month’s printable:

It’s a handy list of five simple habits I use to make life run more smoothly during hectic seasons. You can put these habits in place for the busy month of May then pick them up again when the holidays roll around.

That’s it for today! Don’t forget to join the Crazy for Christmas Challenge Facebook group and share your progress with us!

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