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Movie Night: Paddington 2

Movie NightAmy WileyComment

This movie has it all... laughs, action and excitement, family-friendly content... AND British accents!  We highly recommend Paddington 2.  (For more on our family's approach to movie night, check out my Movie Night Basics.)

A lovely summer evening offered the perfect opportunity to grill and eat on our porch.  My kids jumped in to help make our cute place settings for this adorable movie.  My son folded paper napkins into hats and my daughter created the little tags.


We used extra large napkins for the hats so that our plates could "wear" them.


I had some Union Jack cups leftover from my Royal Wedding Pajama Watch Party which added a nod to the London setting.


Paddington Bear loves marmalade, so delicious orange balsamic chicken was on the menu for dinner.


We served the chicken alongside chopped salad and grilled corn.


For dessert, brownie bears!  All these require are a box of brownie mix and a cookie cutter.


Sure, you could use icing to put little hats and coats on them... but you don't have to.  They were darling and delicious.


It's always a great sign when our whole family is laughing out loud during a movie.  Paddington 2 is too cute!