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2 Months Until Christmas! What to Check Off Your List Today...

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I’m a little Christmas crazy.  Anyone else?  I shared last month that on the 25th of each month, I try to do a few things to get a jump on Christmas preparations.  This is because I like to celebrate big, and I like to enjoy it all December long with minimal stress!  If you are looking to get a jump on Christmas prep, here are five things you can do today to avoid stress down the road…

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Start on Christmas Cards

We are taking family photos for our card this weekend, so even if you’re like me and not quite ready to order the actual cards, you can go ahead and get a jump on the whole process. This is the perfect time to update your address list.  I personally have a few change-of-address cards from friends sitting on my desk that need to go into my address spreadsheet.  You should also go ahead and order Christmas stamps.  The new designs are out and you can get them shipped right to you.  If you wait until the last minute, your local post office could run out and you’d be stuck using boring stamps… oh, the horror!  As for the best Christmas cards, this program is my favorite.

Set Your Priorities

The holidays offer so many chances for fun and celebrating, but you can’t do it all.  Decide what are the most important things on your list and schedule them in.  Many holiday activities book up fast, so you should go ahead and get tickets, reservations, or whatever is needed to hold your spot.  I shared some of my favorite local traditions here.

Make Your Gift List

Whether you shop all year or you’re just starting, you need to make a list of all the gifts you plan to give and set a budget for each.  Anything you plan to order online, go ahead and do it. Shameless plug: The Sassy Napkin Society Gift Subscription is a great option!


Get Ready to Snuggle

Did you see my post on all the best jammies? It’s a good time to buy pajamas for the whole fam, load up on hot chocolate, and be ready for cozy time by the tree.

Movie Nights


With so many great Christmas movies to enjoy, it takes a little planning to fit them all in! Start adding your movie nights to your calendar and visit My Christmas Pinterest Board for some inspiration.


Even with Halloween just days away, it will pay off to switch into Christmas gear for just a bit. Your December self will thank you!