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Movie Night: Groundhog Day

Movie NightAmy WileyComment

Groundhog Day on a Friday??? It's too perfect!


Groundhog Day is the perfect example of a silly thing that is fun to make a big deal out of for your kids.  So tonight we are going to watch Groundhog Day (obviously) and I'll tell you how we are handling the content in just a moment.


This movie will forever remind me of my "first date" with my dear friend.  She was new to our school in 9th grade and invited me to go see Groundhog Day at the theater.  That was the beginning of a lifelong friendship.  Here we are at age 40 (well, I'm 40, she's almost there) and y'all we talk just about every day!  So this movie, as annoying as it can be, holds a place in my heart.

I made groundhog cupcakes and got the idea here.   


I pretty much followed Bakerella's method, but I used chocolate chips for the noses instead of sunflower seeds.  I think they turning out just darling.


I had this "grass" tablecloth on hand and stuck with black, white and green for everything else.


My kids are stuffed animal hoarders, so I grabbed this little guy and stuck him in a potted plant.  I think he's technically a prairie dog but he today he's playing the role of Punxsutawney Phil.  Personally, I think he's nailing it. 


This plant might look pitiful, but I won it at bunko just days before I had my daughter.  That was almost eight years ago and it's still holding on.


So as you probably know, in the movie Bill Murray is forced to relive the same day over and over.  For dinner I thought it would be fun to have a meal that we just might choose if we had to eat the same thing day after day.  Steaks, baked sweet potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts with pancetta are on the menu. 

We are trying something new tonight and watching the movie on VidAngel.  Some wise and like-minded friends told me about this.  It's a service you use to filter movies to help keep them family friendly.  How great is that???

Here's hoping you have a fun Friday and that we see an early spring!