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Valentine's Day Tablescape

Valentine's DayAmy Wiley1 Comment

I love an elaborate tablescape.  Real talk... my dining table is either decorated and set for the next occasion, or it becomes the catch-all spot for the kids' school projects, mail, etc.  It makes me much happier to set a pretty table!


Most of my V-day decorations pre-date my kids (translation they are OLD) because I had my first baby the day after Valentine's Day.  He's my forever Valentine, but I usually buy more birthday things this time of year.  I did find this big polka dot heart the other day and it went perfectly on my Eiffel Tower.


I've had these little Pottery Barn "love" plates for approximately 100 years.


A quick trip to Trader Joe's for flowers filled my pots and vases.


The scene is set for a family Valentine's Day dinner at home... which is our favorite way to celebrate!