Suburban Soiree


Amy Wiley

Hello, and welcome to Suburban Soiree.  I'm so happy you're here!  I'm a wife and mom of two elementary-school-aged kids, a boy and a girl.  One of our family's favorite things is movie night on Fridays.  I'll show you how I pull those off each week, along with other ways we celebrate life's little joys.  

This won't be a blog about perfectly staged parties with rented furniture where no one's really eating the food.  It's real-life, fun little celebrations you can create for your family.  It's all about making a splash in the middle of our busy lives.

Whether it's setting a pretty table for my book club, putting something in my kids' lunches to make them smile, or turning a boring meeting into a social affair, I believe in having fun whenever possible.

Join me as we explore all the fun to be had!