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Movie Night: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

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Note:  We have an advertising relationship with some of the stores we link to in this post.  We only work with brands we love and trust.


This time of year we watch all the Charlie Brown cartoons.  They are sweet, safe and short.  (Can I get an amen that sometimes you want the kid movie to be short?)  Plus there's one for every holiday... like Thanksgiving!


I found these darling turkey napkins at Swoozies, put them on my mustard yellow plates and called it a day.  They are super cute!  The foil just makes it.

Don't be jealous of my amazing chalk art skills.  Ha.  I love my pumpkin-shaped chalk board from Chalk Ink.  I have a Texas one too!


For dinner, I wanted something easy at the end of a long week.  I mentioned picking up Honeybaked Ham and my husband and son got super excited.  So there ya go.  I picked up some ham and two of their super-easy heat-and-serve sides.  Done.  It's a treat for us, but so hassle-free at the same time.  Plus, it's the kind of meal you tend to enjoy during the holidays.


I hope your Thanksgiving week is also hassle-free, full of good food and lots of time with people you love.  I'm thankful for each of you who read here!