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St. Patrick's Day

Movie Night: The Luck of the Irish

Movie Night, St. Patrick's DayAmy WileyComment

You’re in luck because I found a perfectly family-friendly movie for you this St. Patrick’s Day weekend!

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The Luck of the Irish is a Disney Channel movie that mixes some leprechaun shenanigans with basketball.  It’s silly, funny, and absolutely fitting for St. Patrick’s Day.


The story line of the movie made for a fun and unique table theme. I mixed in basketball napkins from the Target Dollar Spot and I love how the orange fits with the Irish colors.


My shamrock plates are from Homegoods and I always enjoy using them year after year.


The little pennant and foam fingers are also Dollar Spot finds.  My kids noticed these first!  I like how they add at sporty touch.  I also know I will find another use for them down the road.


I can always count on Trader Joe’s for a themed meal.  My guys especially enjoyed this “Blarney Scone” soda bread. 


Our main course was bangers and mash... and it was a huge hit! Or should I say... slam dunk.  Movie night is a great excuse to try something out of the ordinary for our family.


Shamrock Shakes were a sweet ending for this movie night.  I love any excuse for sprinkles and a fun straw. The “Lucky You” napkins are from the Sassy Napkin Society.


We hope movie night will be part of the shenanigans you get up to this weekend! 

Movie Night: The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns

St. Patrick's Day, Movie NightAmy WileyComment

Lucky you, it's a St. Patrick's Day-themed movie night!


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For this one we watched The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns.   More on the movie in a bit, as the real hit of this night was the food.  The decorations are a lot of fun too.


I scored this little banner from Target...


I had easy access to this little Halloween cauldron and it was a pot of gold for the day.


I never met a fun napkin I didn't like.


Shenanigans indeed!  I used command hooks to stick all that fun stuff to the shutters.


I dyed the kids' milk green, which is always a hit.


Now for dinner.  As for corned beef and cabbage... not my thing.  I decided to do an appetizers-for-dinner twist on Irish fare.  I must say the results were really hearty and so delicious!


I found a recipe for Irish Nachos.  So good y'all!  You can find the recipe here.


My favorite food of the evening was this Dubliner Dip.


We needed some color with all the potatoes, bread and cheese so I did a Pinterest-inspired fruit rainbow.  I love all the colors!


I had lots of fun dessert ideas in mind, but we had these cookies on hand from something else (plus pie from Pi Day so we didn't need any more sweets around) so I decided to go with them.  They look really festive on the shamrock plate.  Of course we listened to the St. Patrick's Day Radio on Pandora while we dined.  Finding music to fit your theme adds so much.


The movie is actually a two-part Hallmark mini series from 1999.  We watched it over two nights. It's interesting to say the least, but definitely fitting for this St. Patrick's Day weekend.  I don't think this movie will become an annual tradition but we sure did enjoy a little family-friendly leprechaun fun.  That's what we are all about!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, friends!