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Movie Night: Red Riding Hood

Movie Night, HalloweenAmy Wiley2 Comments

Happy Halloween!  

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This movie night is inspired by our Halloween costumes.  My husband and I usually don't dress up, but this year we got a wild hair and joined the kids. We all play a role in our first true family theme, which is Little Red Riding Hood. 

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I thought this made such a cute theme.  I made a point to only use things we had on hand.  The red gingham tablecloth is round and normally goes on our outdoor table, so I did the old scrunch trick.  The round tree slices (not sure what to call them!) are from my daughter's first birthday party.  The little basket is part of her costume.

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The red plates are from my wedding registry and the white plates are part of some catering-type dishes I have from World Market.  I ordered this pretty pop-up book to commemoriate our costumes and frankly to brush up on the story.  Ha!

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You have to love that when I asked my husband if he had a small ax I could use for the table he offered me three choices.  He also dug into the Christmas decorations for me to get the little tree.

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The wolf is my kids' from Great Wolf Lodge.

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Ok let's talk about the movie itself.  I honestly didn't know if such a movie existed.  A search on Amazon gave me a few options, each with reviews that said, "Not for kids!"  I figure I'm probably not any more lenient than a random Amazon reviewer.  Who knows.  So I chose this version from 1988.  Y'all it was OLD and WEIRD.  Oh and it's a musical.  Plus Craig T. Nelson plays his own evil twin.  So there's that.


The Big Bad Wolf is more like the Big Bad German Shepherd.  It was certainly not a cinematic masterpiece, but we are happy to expose our kids to things that are old-fashioned and not the latest and greatest.  To me it beats the "not for kids!" version any day.  We enjoyed it for what it was.

For dinner I pulled out one of my old tried-and-true Halloween tricks:  a Jack-o-lantern pizza from Papa Murphy's.  This says "I'm a fun mom" when really you are just a tired mom.  I added a salad.


Dessert was pumpkin cheesecake from Trader Joe's.  TJ's is the secret to my success.


I loved this movie night and my family did too.

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I hope you enjoy lots of treats and maybe even a few tricks today!