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Ghouly Gift for the Queen of Halloween

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Homemade Halloween Week continues with a festive gift perfect for one of your favorite ghouls. This post contains affiliate links.


Find my pink jack-o-lantern sweatshirt here. Grab this pink pumpkin bucket and fill it until it overflows with girly goodness! The balloon is from the Dollar Tree. Tea towels are from my local Kroger affiliate and Homegoods. Purple ghost plates are also from the grocery. Find the Queen of Halloween napkins here. Little sign is from Walmart and notepad is from Homegoods. The bottom is stuffed with a pack of the cutest pink spiderwebs. The cookie is from the bakery section of Target. Watch me put this all together here.


I hope you’re inspired to create a ghouly gift of your own.

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Frighteningly Fizzy Bath Bombs

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This week here on the blog and in Instagram you’ll find new ideas each day for bringing some homemade fun to your Halloween.

Homemade bath bombs are the perfect way to scare up some fun at bath time. These make excellent gifts or you can just enjoy them yourself! I made these two ways… fizzy jack-o-lanterns and bubbling cauldrons.

This post contains affiliate links.


In a medium-sized bowl mix up:

1 cup citric acid

1 cup baking soda

1/2 cup cornstarch

Add several drops of skin-safe food coloring to the dry mixture and work it in with your hands. I did green for the cauldrons and orange for the jack-o-lanterns.

Melt 1/2 cup of coconut oil and add 12 drops of sweet cinnamon pumpkin oil. Slowly mix the oils into the dry mixture. Avoid adding too quickly, or it will start too fizz. You can use your hands to incorporate everything nicely.

Next, pack the mixture into your pumpkins or cauldrons. One batch will fill three or four nicely.


Once they are packed, top with sprinkles. Press the sprinkles into the bath bomb with the back of a spoon.


Set these out to dry for about 24 hours. Then you are ready for a spooky, fizzy bath!

See a video tutorial here!

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Family-Friendly Halloween Movie Night Round-up

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October is here and little spooky entertainment is in order when it comes to movie night. Today I’m listing our tried-and-true Halloween movie picks. These are light-hearted, funny, and won’t cause anyone to have nightmares. I prefer the whimsy and fun of this season, and choose to skip the more macabre elements. Halloween should be about candy, kids, and memories!

You can set the scene for October movie nights with this Halloween movie night printable. Just pop it in a frame and you’ll be ready to enjoy all the fun films.

Below are my picks for family-friendly, cute-not-creepy, Halloween features. Click on each title for ideas, treats, and more!

Hotel Transylvania

This movie is a treat just like this hilarious jello!

Spookley the Square Pumpkin

A sweet story with a powerful message… yes, please!

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

This one is a classic and a must-see each year.


Cheerleaders and zombies? Sounds like a fit for Halloween if you ask me…

Hotel Transylvania 3

We usually skip the second movie, but number three is full of beachy fun.

I hope you enjoy these fun films… a little spooky but a lot of playfulness is what Halloween is about to me! Have a great weekend…

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