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100 Ways to Say "I Love You"

Valentine's DayAmy WileyComment

February is not just for romance, it’s for showing all kinds of love to people in your life. For those of you doing the Heart Attack or just wanting to spread some sweet thoughts, I came up with a list of creative ways to say “I love you.”

100 Ways to Say _I Love You_.png
  1. You are brave.

  2. You are strong.

  3. You are a quick learner.

  4. You are helpful.

  5. You are kind.

  6. You are a good friend.

  7. You are trustworthy.

  8. You are handsome.

  9. You are beautiful.

  10. You are fun to be with.

  11. You are clever.

  12. You are funny.

  13. You are creative.

  14. You are artistic.

  15. You are a problem solver.

  16. You are a good reader.

  17. You have a great memory.

  18. You are faithful to God.

  19. You are precious to me.

  20. You are a good brother.

  21. You are a good sister.

  22. You are good with younger kids.

  23. You are a good example.

  24. You are patient.

  25. You show perseverance.

  26. You are a good writer.

  27. You are a math whiz.

  28. You know the most interesting facts.

  29. You have a beautiful singing voice.

  30. You are a blessing.

  31. You love to worship God.

  32. You complete our family.

  33. You are the best at snuggling.

  34. You have a great imagination.

  35. You are loyal.

  36. You are a fun travel buddy.

  37. You are adventurous.

  38. You tell the best stories.

  39. You light up the room.

  40. You are cheerful.

  41. You are enchanting.

  42. You are a warrior.

  43. You have passion.

  44. You are a hard worker.

  45. You have great hair.

  46. You have unique style.

  47. You include everyone.

  48. You make me smile.

  49. You are adorable.

  50. You are captivating.

  51. You are elegant.

  52. You are a gentleman.

  53. You are fearless.

  54. You are spunky.

  55. You make the best sandwiches.

  56. You are fascinating.

  57. You are lionhearted.

  58. You are a good bike rider.

  59. You are a fast runner.

  60. You are detail-oriented.

  61. You are one in a million.

  62. You are dashing.

  63. You make me feel loved.

  64. You make my day.

  65. You are intelligent.

  66. You are energetic.

  67. You are athletic.

  68. You are talented.

  69. You are good with money.

  70. You are organized.

  71. You are diligent.

  72. You are entertaining.

  73. You are pleasant.

  74. You are lovely.

  75. You are a great dad.

  76. You are a wonderful mom.

  77. You are magnificent.

  78. You are awesome.

  79. You bring me joy.

  80. You have the best smile.

  81. You are generous.

  82. You are miraculous.

  83. You are God’s gift to me.

  84. You are charming.

  85. You give the best hugs.

  86. You make me proud.

  87. You are resilient.

  88. You see the best in everyone.

  89. You show God’s love.

  90. You have beautiful eyes.

  91. You have good manners.

  92. You are caring.

  93. You are kind to animals.

  94. You have a tender heart.

  95. You are encouraging.

  96. You are respectful.

  97. You laugh is contagious.

  98. You are tech savvy.

  99. You are trustworthy.

  100. You changed my life.

Movie Night: Groundhog Day

Movie NightAmy WileyComment

Whether or not the groundhog sees his shadow… movie night is always good news!


Groundhog Day is the perfect example of a silly thing that is fun to make a big deal out of for your kids.  So tonight we are going to watch Groundhog Day (obviously) and I'll tell you how we are handling the content in just a moment.


This movie will forever remind me of my "first date" with my dear friend.  She was new to our school in 9th grade and invited me to go see Groundhog Day at the theater.  That was the beginning of a lifelong friendship.  Here we are at age 40 (well, I'm 40, she's almost there) and y'all we talk just about every day!  So this movie, as annoying as it can be, holds a place in my heart.

I made groundhog cupcakes and got the idea here.   


I pretty much followed Bakerella's method, but I used chocolate chips for the noses instead of sunflower seeds.  I think they turning out just darling.


I had this "grass" tablecloth on hand and stuck with black, white and green for everything else.


My kids are stuffed animal hoarders, so I grabbed this little guy and stuck him in a potted plant.  I think he's technically a prairie dog but he today he's playing the role of Punxsutawney Phil.  Personally, I think he's nailing it. 


This plant might look pitiful, but I won it at bunko just days before I had my daughter.  That was many years ago and it's still holding on.


So as you probably know, in the movie Bill Murray is forced to relive the same day over and over.  For dinner I thought it would be fun to have a meal that we just might choose if we had to eat the same thing day after day.  Steaks, baked sweet potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts with pancetta are on the menu. 

We are trying something new tonight and watching the movie on VidAngel.  Some wise and like-minded friends told me about this.  It's a service you use to filter movies to help keep them family friendly.  How great is that???

Here's hoping you have a fun Friday and that we see an early spring!

The Crazy for Christmas Challenge Starts Today!

Christmas, Crazy for ChristmasAmy WileyComment

Hi friends! I am thrilled to kick off my Crazy for Christmas Challenge today, January 25th! The idea is that we can get just a little done each month. This will set us up for a relaxed, organized, and peaceful Christmas season. Think more time enjoying your family, doing advent devotionals, and simply gazing at your beautiful Christmas tree! Isn’t that what we all want?

Each month, on the 25th, I’ll give you a handful of manageable tasks. You’ll slowly check items off your list and head into December more prepared than ever. I’ll also send out a free printable each month to go in your Christmas planner. More on that in a moment. Join the Crazy for Christmas email list to get yours:

So, let’s get started!  Here is what you can do TODAY to get a jump on next Christmas:

January Tasks

  1. Go Through Your Calendar and Mark the 25th of Each Month from now Through November.

    Go ahead and make a note to yourself that you’ll be doing a few Christmas tasks on these days.  I love a paper planner, and I note my Christmas planning with stickers.  I love these little strings of lights.  Find similar ones here.  If you use the calendar on your computer or phone, go through and add a Santa or Christmas tree emoji.


2. Start your Christmas Planner Notebook

You’ll need a place to keep all your lists and other papers organized, so buy a 1-inch binder (I suggest red) and add the custom cover you’ll get when you sign up for the Crazy for Christmas Challenge emails. I suggest printing the cover as an 8x10 photo, at somewhere like Walgreen’s or Costco. Having a place for everything makes a huge difference. You’ll receive a new, helpful printable each month to add to your binder.


3. Designate a Spot to Store Gifts

Once you start buying gifts, you need a place to put them where they will be out of sight. You also want to remember where they are! (Anyone else ever stashed things away and forgotten about them?) Whether it’s a spare closet, under your bed or a shelf in your garage, today I want to you to pick out that spot and get it ready. For me it’s a basement linen closet. I had my husband change out the doorknob to one that locks with a key. Today I’ll make sure it’s cleaned out and ready. I’ll also add some shoebox-sized bins for storing stocking stuffers. Even if you don’t have a special closet, taking the time to vacuum under the bed or clear off a shelf will have you ready for all those gifts.

4. Update Your Address List

I absolutely love sending and receiving Christmas cards. I always end up with a few “return to sender” from friends who have moved and a few cards from friends that note a new address. While it’s still fresh on your mind, go through and update that Christmas card list. Track down new addresses when needed. You might also edit your list to remove old contacts or add new friends. I keep track of all of mine with an Excel spreadsheet.

That’s it! Start NOW and get that satisfied feeling that you are ahead of the game!