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Valentine's Day

Tuesday Treats: Valentine's Day Swag

Tuesday Treats, Valentine's DayAmy WileyComment

Valentine’s Day is on our hearts these days and that means we are ready to look the part! Your Valentine will swoon seeing you sporting all the red and pink. I’ve rounded up my favorites sure to attract cupid’s arrow… just click on the item names below to photo to shop my affiliate links.


Bless Your Family By Giving Them a Heart Attack!

Valentine's DayAmy WileyComment

Happy Valentine’s Day friends!  I pray you feel loved and blessed today even if this isn’t your favorite holiday.   

Today I’m sharing an idea that isn’t new, isn’t mine, but it’s something I do for my family and they really love it.  You’ve probably seen it all over ye olde internet: a heart attack! 

Each day in February I put a heart on each of my kids’ bedroom doors and one on the door between the master bedroom and bath for my husband.  On the hearts I write something I love about each person.  It’s such a neat way to affirm and encourage the people I love the most.

I buy packs of pre-cut hearts at Hobby Lobby. Sure, you could individually cut them out of construction paper, but that might give me an actual heart attack.


I write them all up ahead of time so that I’m prepared and it doesn’t get away from me. 


Then I stick them in labeled bags for each person and tuck them away in a drawer with a roll of tape.  That way they are easy to grab and add to the doors when no one is looking.


My kids run up after school to look for their new hearts then come to me and thank me for what I said. I just love this as a way to build them up and encourage them in specific areas where they need it most.

I love YOU for reading this little blog! Happy Valentine’s Day! 


Cereal Station for my Valentines

Valentine's DayAmy WileyComment

I'm on quite a cereal station kick these days... I blame Target and their super cute bowls!  Here's how I'm adding a little love to our mornings (and late night snacks!)...


I went with Special K Red Berries (my son's favorite) and Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheat.  In the past I've found little heart cereal similar to Cheerios, but I have't come across it this year.


This little mug is from a care package my parents sent me in college.


Again with the bowls.  These make me super happy.


As you can see, this is so simple but makes the whole kitchen feel festive.


 A little effort to show lots of love!