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Summer Snail Mail: Why Your Kids Should Write Letters

Something to CelebrateAmy WileyComment

I absolutely love to receive mail... in fact I get excited every time I see the postal delivery truck at the end of my driveway!  I also love to send mail and I'm doing my best to pass that joy on to my kids.  For as long as I can remember, I've tasked them with writing letters in the summer time.  Here's are my top reasons why this is a great practice for children...

Keep those writing skills up

Letter writing is a fun way to keep up their handwriting, spelling, grammar and creativity.  All those skills they use in school can easily fade during the summer months and writing a letter keeps them in practice.  Before my kids could write, I had them draw pictures to mail to others.  Whatever their skill level, put it to use.

Be a blessing to friends and family

My kids have three great grandparents who are still living and they are all out of state.  They are always thrilled to get a letter from the kids.  We also write to other relatives near and far, as well as friends.  My daughter actually has a friend from preschool who moved away several years ago... they still exchange letters now and then and it's so fun to see that friendship endure through elementary school.

Give and you will recieve

Once you start mailing letters out... you'll see letters start to come back to you!  It's a joy when the recipients of our letters return the favor.  My children are always overjoyed to see something addressed to them in our mailbox.

Preserve a charming part of the past

I love to text as much as the next person, but you can never replace the delight of a handwritten note.  In a world of "LOL" I want my kids to know how to write someone a meaningful letter or card.  Our summer letters are my way of keeping the fading tradition of snail mail alive in our family and for others. 

I encourage you to pick up some stamps, print out some addresses of those you love, and get your kids writing.  They'll soon be racing to the mailbox awaiting those sweet replies!

Royal Wedding Pajama Watch Party Invitations and Favors

Hosting, Something to CelebrateAmy WileyComment

Today I'm sharing two details of my royal wedding party that are some of the most important of any gathering:  invitations and favors.  One sets the tone for the event, the other sends guests out the door with a smile.

Online invitations are easy, but I always send a paper invitation in the good old mail whenever possible.  I found these on Zazzle.  I also love an opportunity for a wax seal.  It adds a royal touch!  My last initial just happens to coordinate with the House of Windsor.


I love, love a party favor.   For this event, guests went home with a little tea time for one.  I tucked Walkers shortbread, tea and toffee into Union Jack cups.


I wrapped them up in cello, lace ribbon, and a sticker, also from Zazzle.


These are the types of details I love to plan as a hostess.  I hope my guests have sipped their tea while remembering our fun morning together.

Royal Wedding Pajama Watch Party

Something to Celebrate, HostingAmy Wiley4 Comments

I'm still floating around in a fairy tale dream after this weekend's royal wedding.  It was just splendid!  A few ladies came over to watch with me and my daughter and it made it all the more fun.  Today I'm sharing the details of our little watch party.

Dessert first!  I ordered a simple cake from our grocer that read "Sparkle like Markle."  It was delicious and completely worth the odd look I got while ordering... ha!  I had leftover napkins from Prince William's wedding to Kate so I figured this was the day to use them.  I put everything on a commemorative tea towel celebrating Harry and Meghan.


Speaking of tea towels, my little display was made for this day!


 I had a whole box full of items from my last royal wedding party, so I had a great time pulling all those out and added some Amazon finds like this Harry and Meghan bunting and life-sized cutout of the queen.


My Mother's Day flowers, a British tray, and some cookie tins decorated the breakfast nook.


The early morning hour was perfect for a pajama party.  My husband found these for me and I just love them so much.


Guests were offered tea, naturally, along with orange juice and water.


Of course I had the good old American coffee bar stocked as well.


Breakfast included a variety of scones, raspberry French toast, breakfast casserole and fruit.


I tucked some Trader Joe's flowers into teapots and had them throughout the party.


I've had this carriage for years and sometimes take it to the florist so they can create an arrangment inside.  I didn't get this done with my busy schedule, but a rose bowl full of flowers worked nicely.


 A little bunting added some Union Jacks to the viewing area.


My pantry door was in on the action as well.


I even decorated the fridge.


This was an obvious occassion to wear my replica of Duchess Catherine's ring.  I couldn't resist wearing it all weekend!


We did a little bingo game during the viewing and the winner took home this book on the happy couple.


I loved the wedding so much and it was the perfect occasion to entertain some sweet ladies in my life.   I'm already looking forward to the day we celebrate another royal event!