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Movie Night

Movie Night: The Stray

Movie NightAmy WileyComment

A cute dog, a Colorado setting, and a faith-based film were the ingredients for this movie night, The Stray. We always love when a movie is based on a true story, like this one.

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The kids came home from school delighted to see the doggie theme on our table! You can check out the content of this movie here. The Stray does have some potentially scary parts.

The table setting was fairly simple. I picked up these perky bandannas at Hobby Lobby to use as napkins.


A craft paper runner and a marker made our centerpiece easy to create and to clean up!


Our dessert was also simple, but delicious and darling at the same time!


I simply put these two store-bought items together…


…and created cupcakes to go with the movie theme.


A few extra “dog bones” scattered on the table were tempting as snacks while I fixed dinner.


This movie is really all about family… and so are we! I hope you get to spend some good time with yours this weekend.

Find The Stray here on DVD or here digitally.

Happy Friday!

Movie Night: The Miracle Season

Movie NightAmy WileyComment

Happy Friday! This movie night features a sweet tearjerker, and the easiest dinner ever. Sounds great, right?


The Miracle Season is based on a true story about a high school girls’ volleyball team trying to continue their season after going through a tragic loss. This movie is sweet, touching and emotional. You’ll find yourself tearing up and cheering for the team. Perhaps our favorite part was the closing credits where you see photos and video of the real-life people and events that inspired the movie.


Our local party store didn’t have much when it came to volleyball, but I picked up these napkins and put them with checked plates.  We recently ended up with a stash of a few blue disposable tablecloths, so I put one on our kitchen island and it worked well.  Now that I’ve seen the movie, I can tell you the team colors are green and yellow, so you could always go that route.


We didn’t have time for an elaborate dinner this time around, but it worked out just fine.  We did take-and-bake pizza, cookie brownie bars from a mix, and Gatorade because… sports.  The most important part is setting aside the family time and that’s why we live love our movie night tradition.


I recommend this movie for families, even though we shed a few tears. The cookie brownie bars sure helped us feel better!

Happy movie night, friends!

Movie Night: Follow Me, Boys!

Disney, Movie NightAmy WileyComment

We took movie night on the road with us to a cabin the mountains and it was such a delight.  I simply chose a movie I felt would fit the setting and packed the DVD, some paper goods, and some treats.  It added an extra touch to our relaxing weekend away. 


We had quite the view and I got to ring an actual dinner bell to call my children in from outside, which was perfection.


This movie night centered around the Disney classic Follow Me, Boys! which turned out to be a really fitting choice.  I set up a woodsy table to play to the outdoor themes.


I hadn't seen this movie in ages and it completely charmed me.  I told my husband it made me wish I lived in 1930!  Kurt Russell is just a boy in this film and he is absolutely darling.  I found some camo jelly beans and they added a fun touch.


We ate steaks, potatoes and salad and finished off the night with blondies by the fire as we watched the movie.  It was a sweet way to spend one of our evenings away and added an extra cherry on top of our family time.


Happy Friday!